Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Truth IS!! (old)

The truth is that everything is not what it seems. you have to take your time to realize other possible things. When people ASSUME that I'm one way due to what you see on the social networks and what they seem to interpret really IRRITATES ME!! How are you going to tell me how i REALLY am!

typical conversation for example...what party you going to tonight??
me: none i dont like to party like that
them: WHAT... you always talking about some party
me: clearly im on a Party PROMOTION company and my negros have PROMOTION companys...why not get everybody out to have a good time and make good business.
I rather go back to PG LIFE and go to the movies, out to eat, or just chill at my friends house.
them: i never took you for that type of person.
me: Welp, you never asked or really got to know me!

BUT, the WORST thing is when people can tell you everything you did or who you know because they went up and through your facebook.

DANG, can i tell you about myself before you tell me what you THINK you know about me!! GGEESSSHHH

NOW i just laugh..cause if you knew me...then welp you actually KNOW me!! lol

LIke i said this is my blog where i can write how I feel at any given time if you dont like what is said you dont have to read it! but if you do like what is said by all means STAY TUNED!! =@}


. PEACE. Serenity.