Monday, July 5, 2010

A Tangent...

Its alot you dont see, with eyes that never open,
when you try to listen, but everything is muffled,
when you try to speak, but your lips dont seem to form the words,
what do you do, what do others think of you,
to over crowd your mind with nonsense is a waste of existence,
take the good with the bad and keep the positive going,
if your eyes deceive you, learn to tell what is a lie and what is truth,
if your ears accidently hear something wrong, know whats right,
if your lips form words you didnt mean to say, teach them to do otherwise.
Its alot that goes into nothing, but nothing cannot go into alot!

these are just words that are rambling off the top of my head and the more i type the more they make sense!

think on it and you be the judge

. PEACE. Serenity.