Saturday, May 7, 2011

THE DEVIL!!! You cant tell me other wise!!

This class right here is something else...for most of the semester you sit in class take notes to prepare for YOUR TEACHERS exam.  All for you to find out that for the final its a standardize exam.  You may be asking whats the big deal.  WELL, after taking a class for a certain amount of time you develop a system. You know how your teacher is going to word the test when asking for a specific answer.  Yeah so with this standardize test referred to as the "ACS Examination in General Chemistry"(aint ish general about it to me..but then again I SUCK in CHEM) like its a WHOLE separate book you have to purchase to prepare for this exam.
 Now I wonder can you all notice that the cover at the very tippy top looks nothing like the cover of the book above!!! EXACTLY!! THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT LEARNING MATERIALS...and NO they do not follow the same order in which you learned the information in! GEEESSSSHHHHH (ok I had a moment)  Then get this, its two parts to the General Chemistry here at VCU, so wholetime I am sitting here thinking I missed something in class when wholetime we have not covered this information and wont be covering it til next semester. I spent an HOUR trying to figure out ONE question...yes your read it right...smh!

OKAY let me stop blogging about Chem for right now and get back to it! smh!


. PEACE. Serenity.