Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas? New Year?

Christmas was days ago and New Years is days ahead!

This year in particular the real reason for christmas hit me! As much as i love this time of year it also makes me sad. How could I even think about pouting because i didnt get this or that when some people didn't get anything!! These things really hit me hard this year after working with homeless people! Days after christmas i felt bad about all the gifts i received because of the money spent could have went to another cause!

Nothing I received this Christmas was needed...

I dont know.... these are things that are on my mind at the moment! =@{

New Years is up ahead....i dont want to go partying or anything of that nature for some reason....I honestly rather go to Church...i tried the partying thing last year..lets just say i dont remember past the beginning! (had blast..from what i heard) I liked it better when i went to that may be the move for this NEW YEARS AS WELL!!


. PEACE. Serenity.